Pilot Podcast - Equine Assisted World with Rupert Isaacson

In this the Pilot Episode of Equine Assisted World, our host Rupert Isaacson - known for Horse Boy Method, Movement Method and ATHENA - takes us through how the world of equine therapies has transformed itself in the last two decades from something aimed primarily at physical disability and adaptive riding, to the current mosaic of approaches for neuro-psychiatric, emotional, clinical, and medical conditions.

What are the best practices? How can we identify them? How do we navigate this increasingly complex world through it's exciting and sometimes confusing development?

Rupert also tells the story of how he himself became involved in the equine assisted world, primarily through the journeys on horseback with his autistic son. That led to his own exploration of how horses can heal neuro-psychiatric challenges. We also look ahead to some of the exiting figures that we will be interviewing in this first season.

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Pilot Podcast - Equine Assisted World with Rupert Isaacson
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