Here on Equine Assisted World. We look at the cutting edge and the best practices currently being developed and, established in the equine assisted field. This can be psychological, this can be neuropsych, this can be physical, this can be all of the conditions, that human beings have, that these lovely equines, these beautiful horses that we work with, help us with.  In each episode with these inspirational movers and shakers, we don't just hear insights from the people themselves, we also get a chance to ask our own questions of them, because each Episode has a follow up in which they directly answer your - the listeners - questions.

Thank you for being part of the adventure and we hope you enjoy today's show.

Your Host is New York Times bestselling author Rupert Isaacson. Long time human rights activist, Rupert helped a group of Bushmen in the Kalahari fight for their ancestral lands. He's probably best known for his autism advocacy work following the publication of his bestselling book "The Horse Boy" and "The Long Ride Home" where he tells the story of finding healing for his autistic son. Subsequently he founded New Trails Learning Systems an approach for addressing neuro-psychiatric conditions through horses, movement and nature. The methods are now used around the world in therapeutic riding program, therapy offices and schools for special needs and neuro-typical children. We also recently launched which offers spiritual and emotional self-care for horse people, as well as the old masters system of training horses from the ground through the highest levels.

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