EP3: Terri Brosnan - Childvision - Dublin, IRE

Equine Assisted World was partly inspired by the work of an (until now) unsung heroine Terri Brosnan, of ChildVision in Dublin, Ireland.
Coming into the field of therapeutic horsemanship later in life, after a three-pronged parallel career in sport horses, construction, and IT, Terri quickly noted the factionalism and rivalry within the world of Equine Assistance in general and realized that it was holding the field back, especially in terms of governmental and insurance recognition. But instead of just complaining about it, Terri did something about it, setting up the organization Equine Assisted Ireland to bring all of the modalities under one umbrella and presenting their results to the powers that be. This bore fruit, gaining funding from Ireland`s governing equine body - Horse Sport Ireland - to put together a training program for equine professionals from the sport horse world to orient themselves towards careers in the therapeutic and equine assisted field; the first such government funded initiative of its kind. Terri also used her geek side to dive into the world of neuroscience to help serve the 100 or so children a week that come to ChildVision with combinations of visual impairment, autism, cerebral palsy, chromosomal conditions and numerous other challenges...all done in a small arena next to a rugby field. Terri operates this cutting-edge program in the very center of Dublin, serving children that live in tenements and high rises.
Join us on a fascinating journey - from Terri's childhood in Belfast during the Troubles, in which her family business was bombed, her neighborhood regularly shot up, and which trained her in conflict resolution, which has resulted in her bringing peace to the factions within the equine assisted field. Learn how later, in the green fields of Tipperary, under the mentorship of the legendary Croome-Carroll family, she absorbed the best of traditional Irish horsemanship and then dived deeper into classical lunging, long reining and in hand work to produce horses even in the inner city, so bursting with well bring that when she went to demo ChildVision`s methods at the Royal Dublin Show, people assumed her therapy horses were show horses and made multiple offers to buy them; testament to her philosophy that if a horse does not have well-being it cannot transfer well-being to a human.
Terri also talks us through how her career as an construction engineer and IT guru led her to see the value of systems thinking, which she has applied to the cutting-edge work now being down at ChildVision - and how tribe and teamwork are the essential core of this.
There aren't many out there like Terri Brosnan. Join us as we find out why.
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  •  Magnocellular Pathways.—helps mapping for riders with visual impairments
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EP3: Terri Brosnan - Childvision - Dublin, IRE
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