Ep 11: Dr. Ann Hemingway & Kezia Sullivan - Bournemouth University

Most of us in the equine assisted field are familiar with encountering skepticism - the inevitable "aren't you just giving kids pony rides?" attitude that can sometimes stand in the way of the field and its practitioners getting the recognition and therefore funding they deserve.

Fortunately, in recent years there has been a massive uptick in the peer reviewed research into equine assisted modalities. Leading this field are Dr Ann Hemingway of Bournemouth University and her assistant researcher Kezia Sullivan.

The results of some of their recent studies are frankly astonishing. For example, one study found that domestic violence, after just a 5 day equine intervention, went down a whopping 51% a year after the intervention was done. This points to major brain changes in those undergoing equine assisted interventions of all kinds.

The rate that Dr. Hemingway and Ms. Sullivan are publishing is prolific, which is good news for all of us.

So listen to what their latest studies have found and are finding - they are providing the kind of research sound bytes that we all need when talking to funders, education authorities, health services and the like. In addition, the two-woman team provides a service crunching data and producing studies on individual equine assisted organizations and methods. If you are looking to get your results proven in a peer reviewed study then you want to listen on.

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Ep 11: Dr. Ann Hemingway & Kezia Sullivan - Bournemouth University
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