Ep 12: Warwick Schiller - Attuned Horsemanship & Journey On Podcast Summit

The Journey On Podcast and Summits have become something of a legend in conscious equestrian circles - and rightly so.

Anyone who has tuned in to the vast array of talent that Warwick features in his in depth interviews ends up walking away with insights into themselves as well as into horses and how they interact with and assist humans, both in the practical and mental/spiritual realms.

To those still new to Warwick, an Australian-born champion in the Western discipline of Reining, he made it to the World Equestrian Games before a pro-fund relationship with a particular horse changed his whole outlook on the horse and human relationship. What followed was a journey of self discovery that has led to exploration of therapy, neuroscience, psychadelics and shamanism as well as ever deeper dives into the horse and human interface.

Recently returning from his latest challenge, the 500 mile Gaucho Derby in Argentina, Warwick tells us how it bumped him up against some of his own limitations - and how he got through to the other side. 

Also we look at the upcoming Journey On Summit in Birmingham UK, happening August 1-4 2024, who the fascinating array of speakers are and what they have taught him so far. So, for those equine Assisted peeps out there, sit back and enjoy the listen as Warwick guides us further into how and why the outside of a horse is so good for the inside of a human.

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Ep 12: Warwick Schiller - Attuned Horsemanship &  Journey On Podcast Summit
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