Ep 9: Linda Kohanov - Epona Quest

Linda Kohanov is a legend.

A household name in the horse world and also for many of those interested in shamanism and myth, her bestselling books The Tao of Equus Riding Between The Worlds, Way of the Horse, The Power of the Herd and The Five Roles of a Master Herder have established her as a go to as a reference for the spiritual side of the horse and human connection.

Her courses and lectures and method  Eponaquest, keep her busy nationally and internationally.

But there is a lot more to Linda than that. her background as a musician, journalist, historian and music critic, as well as her deep inquiry into mythology have given her worldview that sees patterns where others might miss them, discerns structures and connections between seemingly disparate world and - in about as clear a way as one could wish for - sets a gold standard for self actualization: creating a life and career through ones passions that also serves and inspires others. 

The world of equine assisted human development owes much to Linda as a pioneer, but her work has spilled over into the non equine mainstream of human development as well.

Living in the Sonoran Desert near Tuscon, and opening her ranch to seekers of the horse human connection from around the world, Kohanov has a story that can inspire anyone from any walk of life seeking to self actualize through their interests, their passions, their heart.

There is much to learn here as Linda takes us on a journey that gives us many clue as to how we too, might find our calling.

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Ep 9: Linda Kohanov - Epona Quest
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